Ultraviolet Germicidal Air Purifier íV AirSteril
UV air purifier air sterilizer, AirSteril air purifier air sanitizer utilizes ultraviolet UVC and Photocatalytic Oxidation PCO technology for clean and healthy breathing.
The effectiveness of ultraviolet light UVC for airborne pathogens killing is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) and US Centers of Disease Control (CDC).

Why AirSteril uses all extruded aluminum profile in its body structure? It is because aluminum alloy other than plastic can withstand the strong irradiation of ultraviolet light UVC (253.7nm) and will not deteriorate with time. The more great intensity of the UVC light from the source, the more killing effect would be.

AirSteril 350 air purifier
air sterilizer íV Use new technology utilizing UV/PCO íV Ultraviolet
Photo-catalytic oxidation technology to fight indoor air pollution and purify the air 24hrs / 7 / 365 days.
This air purifier uses ultraviolet germicidal light UVC (253.7nm) together with photo-catalyst to freshen the air and to kill airborne pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold spores,
dust mites, allergens and at the same time to decompose odors as well as harmful gases. Indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ammonia, cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide and various VOC can be converted primarily into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water vapor by the multi stages nano-titanium dioxide coated base plates. Organic odors from urine, rotten meat and garbage can also be neutralized by AirSteril effectively. Negative ions generated by the strong UVC irradiation of air can also remove airborne positively charged dust particles, pollen through attraction rendering them too heavy to remain airborne.

The aluminum sanitizer is virtually indestructible, safe for use around children and pets, and cool to the touch. Families with babies and young children, susceptible seniors, or any family with a desire to reduce incidence of the flu and colds, should consider adding one or more AirSteril to their home.

Ultra-violet UVC
Airborne pathogens killing

Photo-catalytic oxidation
Airborne pathogens killing + harmful gas decomposition

Odors removal

Negative ions
Airborne dust removal

All aluminum alloy profile structure
Photo-catalytic oxidation technology PCO breakthrough
4 layer PCO base plates + strong intensity UVC ,eliminating viruses, odors and breaking down harmful gases
negative ions effect on airborne dust removal
Composite type UVC lamp tube with photo-oxidation PO(ozone) feature for various applications
Reflective aluminum sterilization chamber intensifying the effect of UVC light

AS 750 Medical grade
Burn units Hematology ICUs
Cleanroom applications Laser surgery
Computer and data storage areas Microbiology labs
General air sterilization Neonatal intensive care units
Ante rooms Odor sensitive areas
Bone marrow transplant units Oncology wards
Critical-care facilities Operation theatres
Dental areas Dental laboratories
Emergency rooms IVF
Geriatric and elderly units Organ transplant ward
Pathology theatres TB-isolation wards
Pediatric isolation rooms Pharmacies
Respiratory sensitive areas Toilet facilities

WaterSteril 750 WM(wall mount) and WaterSteril 750P(Portable)

Pressurized ozone gas for water purification purpose for use in drinking water well, water holding tank ,spa, small swimming pool, outdoor fish pond ,aquarium tank , aquaculture, small food processing plant, hospital, ozonated water consumption ,families recycle water ,families household utilities disinfectioníKetc.

1) 2)
5) 6)

Portable and wall mount design and equipment quality
Continuous rating and very reliable with constant supply of ozone, can be used for 24hrs/365 days
No air dryer required, can be used in humid area without formation of nitric oxide
All aluminium alloy extrusion structure with stainless steel nozzles/plastic handle/rubber mounts
21w high ozone UV lamp tube
Two ozone delivery ports for 750P and single delivery port for 750WM
Built in high pressure high flow air pump for 750P,ozone can be delivered at 2m water depth. Rack mounted high flow electro-magnetic air pump for 750WM. One air pump can support few 750WM model.
Waterproof power switch design for 750P
Very quiet operation
Low power consumption
Dimension: 750 x 130 x 100mm
1.8 m detachable power cable
CE certified
Air stones and silicon rubber tubing provided
Powder gray white coating lid


AirGuard air sterilizer

- Technical Specifications



UV lamp wall mount air purifier sterilizer with Photo-catalytic oxidation
technology to deliver triatomic oxygen, super oxide ions, hydroxyl radicals and
heterogeneous catalysis for odor control and purifying air purpose.

1) Elegant and modern design
2) Very silent, no moving parts inside, air flow by convection flow only
3) 3pcs of Ti02 PCO-photocatalyic oxidation can purify air/odor effectively
4) 3mm thick white strong PC+ABS housing
5) 9w/13w uvc germicidal light for air sanitation with 3 options of UV lamp with
54mg,27mg,18mg ozone output for use in 30,20,10sq m area approx
6) Dimension: 400mm x 125mm x 90mm
7) Soft reflected blue light from panel
8) 110/220V
9) CE certified/UL components

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